Our Culture

Our Culture

The culture of the Arthur group of companies is driven by our simple balance of visions and values. Our key strategies are how we communicate our visions and help us describe our culture to the people of the Arthur group of companies and its customers. Our key goals and key behaviours are present throughout all parts of our operational management system and give our people the tools to be able to follow the key functional goals and key behaviours required to ensure the companies operate at the highest level.

Our Key Strategies

The Arthur group of companies have four key strategies which are driven by their individual vision. These key visions sit alongside our other strategic management systems and are the most fundamental strategies that we instil in everything we do. They describe what the company will do and what the company expects its people to do to ensure compliance with our operational management system. These key strategies provide our customers with the reassurance and knowledge that we will focus on their needs and our culture will ensure a consistent delivery across the board.


To achieve customer satisfaction on every project by delivering consistently every single time


Achieve zero environmental incidents to safeguard the environment and work towards net zero

Health and Safety

To maintain zero injuries and prevent occupational ill-health


To reduce cost and increase efficiency on all projects

Our Values

Our key goals and key behaviours are driven by the values that underpin them. These values are integrated in to our operational management system and are fundamental employment requirements for all of our people. The values described below are carefully selected and are woven into our culture, key goals and key behaviours.


Sustained business success through consistent, high-quality delivery of projects


Reliably provide for and respect our people by communicating effectively and valuing their contribution


Inspiring everyone to be open to change so that we can continuously evaluate and improve operational performance


Everyone knows that we care and the door is always open


Openness and honesty and having strong moral principles of compliance


Everyone is a leader and commits to upholding our culture


The understanding that we all make mistakes and that there is room for continuous improvement


Everyone plans to achieve and instils a never fail attitude

How We Do It

We love taking your vision to reality. Here’s how we work:



The company will:

  • Communicate the strategic direction of the company in relation to its key strategies
  • Regularly review its policies and oversee implementation of them
  • Monitor internal and external risks and opportunities of the company
  • Ensure that the company operations remain within the context of the organisation

Our people are expected to:

  • Understand  the companies policies and actively assist with the implementation of new leadership commitments


The company will:

  • Continuously innovate our communication systems to deliver key learnings and enable us to celebrate success and drive improvement by sharing knowledge.
  • Use technology to build the infrastructure for excellent communication between our business functions.
  • Find ways to quantify feedback on our company communication systems and procedures to help us improve and to make compliance easier.

Our people are expected to:

  • Engage in the communication process and give feedback.
  • Share information that may be useful to others in achieving our visions.
  • Recognise that training is a form of communication and that listening, learning and application are essential to our success.


The company will:

  • Evaluate the performance of the company by monitoring and analysing compliance
  • Complete internal audits on itself to check compliance
  • Set our people challenging targets and celebrate their good work
  • Continuously innovate its systems

Our people are expected to:

  • Recognise, and contribute to, company, team, and individual targets
  • Provide positive feedback on potential improvements and assist the company with innovation and implementation of change
  • Continually look for ways to improve personal performance 


We must determine and provide the resources needed to maintain zero injuries. We must decide the essential competence of our resources and ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities for safety.

The company will:

  • Provide reliable support to our people in their role 
  • Communicate effectively and provide systems for information sharing
  • Value the health, wellbeing and lifestyle of our people and provide additional resources to help manage these 
  • Develop healthy relationships with our supply chain partners
  • Ensure procurement of resource is well managed and efficient 
  • Ensure all external vendors are approved for use and managed accordingly   


Our people are expected to:

  • Ensure our teams are competent, educated, trained and experienced
  • Ensure our sites are sufficiently resourced
  • Ensure our external vendors (subcontractors) are approved for use and are managed properly



The company will:

  • Provide written procedures describing the processes, records, conditions, and behaviours required for compliance. 
  • Provide forms relevant to the procedures to ensure compliance can be implemented.
  • Ensure that our operational management system is easy to use


Our people are expected to:

  • Take the time to understand our operational management system
  • Fully comply with quality, environment, safety and commercial procedures all of the time
  • Uphold the company’s brand and reputation at all times


The company will:

  • Support our people to become leaders in the roles they undertake
  • Commit our people to personal responsibilities and authority 
  • Monitor the implementation of our policies to ensure commitments are achieved


Our people are expected to:

  • Understand their responsibility to lead and set good examples 
  • Listen to any concerns of our team members and positively empathise with them
  • Commit to and implement training that you receive


The company will:

  • Understand that everyone makes mistakes and will respond positively
  • Take the opportunity to learn from mistakes
  • Provide systems for the reporting of improvement opportunities including non-conformance reports, positive interventions, and celebration of good work
  • Undertake internal audits
  • Ensure appropriate actions are undertaken in a timely manner

Individuals are expected to:

  • Be open and honest when things go wrong
  • Report all opportunities for improvement, positive interventions and incidents
  • Contribute to investigations 
  • Work with their teams to identify trends and opportunities for learning
  • Respond positively to change
  • Implement corrective actions


The company will:

  • Ensure that its people understand that planning is a very important behaviour that must be understood 
  • Provide the systems necessary to ensure we can plan sufficiently to satisfy our key strategies
  • Implement health and safety planning from a pre-construction phase
  • Champion new technological advances in the industry

Our people are expected to:

  • Take the time to plan and understand programmes, they form the basis of everything that we do
  • Use the tools provided to plan ahead sufficiently for quality, the environment, safety and commercial items.
  • Use the tools provided for multi-disciplinary collaboration