Supply Chain

Arthur Civil Engineering communicates its key strategic policies to its external interested parties to ensure awareness throughout its supply chain, awareness for its customers and awareness for its subcontracting partners. Our key strategic policies are available for download at the bottom of this page. 

Our key strategic policies are our how we communicate our commitments to ensure our people, our customers and our supply chain partners understand the minimum requirements that we will hold them to. 

We request that our people, our customers and our supply chain partners read these policies and we want you to take the time to understand the visions and commitments of the Arthur leadership teams.

To our Suppliers

The Arthur group of companies commits to operating fairly and sustainably with you. We will build relationships and maintain our accounts with you in a professional and timely manner. Our industry is constantly shifting and there may be times where we need to support each other through demanding situations, and we will continue to be open and honest with you during these times.

To our Customers

The Arthur group of companies manages its supply chain and other subcontracting partners professionally, we expect you to understand this and reciprocate in the same way. Our overall aim is to remain sustainable for all our partners and, most importantly, for our people. We will manage our subcontractors using the NEC suite of contracts and ensure that we check the suitability of our subcontractors’ services to ensure they meet the requirements of our operational management systems and those of our customers.

To our Subcontractors

The Arthur group of companies manages its subcontracting partners using the NEC suite of contracts. We will ask you for evidence of similar work and accompanying references whilst reviewing your internal systems to ensure that you can comply with the basic requirements of the Arthur companies and their customers. As a minimum we would prefer that you at least hold and maintain ISO9001 (QMS) and ISO45001 (OH&SMS) as a demonstration of your alignment to the culture required of you. 

You will be required to understand the culture of the Arthur group of companies, its key strategic policies, visions and values alongside our key behaviours. All of the information regarding this is contained on our website.

For new suppliers please complete the following assessment and we will begin the onboarding process with you after submission:


To achieve customer satisfaction on every project by delivering consistently every single time


Achieve zero environmental incidents to safeguard the environment and work towards net zero

Health and Safety

To maintain zero injuries and prevent occupational ill-health


To reduce cost and increase efficiency on all projects