Who we are


Arthur Consultancy Services was founded by 3 directors with their own distinct and separate skills and experiences, each with over 15 years ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE OF MODERN CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS. ​

The directors were drawn together due to a deep desire to change the way modern construction projects are designed, tendered and executed, for the benefit of clients, end-users, and all those involved in the construction process. ​

Our directors diverse skill sets, held at the highest level of the company, ensures that our services deliver a true balance of design quality, contractual excellences, with fundamentally practical and buildable solutions.​

Our team features a range of individuals who are engaged with our vision, and are fully on board with the company policies and processes that support them in every part of their jobs.  They are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients. ​

To give our staff confidence in their positions, we provide clarity of their roles and responsibility. We have created a clear and unified set of visions in Environment, H&S, Quality and Commercial, which are consistent throughout our entire company.  By instilling in our staff our visions, the services we provide strive to create true value for our customers, safeguard Health and safety, meet or exceed our sustainability goals, and provide true quality.

We have created a team with a range of skills and experience which enable us to serve a range of sectors with knowledge and confidence. 

Our company is only as good as the people we employ. We recognise that investing in our people is the way best way for our company to achieve it’s vision:

To provide true customer satisfaction every time